100 € – 1 person;     55 €p/p – 2 persons;     35 € p/p – 3 persons;     30 € p/p – 4 persons;

IT IS A PRIVATE TOUR!  You wouldn’t be combined with other people.

Time: 7h.

INCLUDED: English speaking guide and transport; pick up and drop off

NOT INCLUDED: Personal expenses and museum entrance fees

Transportation by car



  • 9:00 pick up at your hotel

  • 10:45 – 14:15 Plovdiv

  • 17:00 drop off at your hotel


Old Town:

You will travel back in time to find yourself in the Ottoman Empire 200 years ago. There are 2-3 floors, wooden houses, with number of bey windows. Most of the houses are symmetrical after the fashion in those days, their facades beautifully painted. Pretty small yards with many flowers are situated next to them.  Many of houses are museums, workshops, galleries and other culture sites…   Curved cobblestones streets are everywhere.  Not necessary to visit everything, just take a sit on the bench and feel the air.

Nebet Hill:

The long Plovdiv history begin here. Ruins from ancient Macedonians, remains of Romans walls and mid age  masonry are at glance.  In the distance, you can see Marica river, other Plovdiv hills, Balkan mountains and Rodopes. All the city, new and old is around.

Ethnographic Museum:

It is one of the best museums, and it reveals the live of Bulgarians in 18-th, 19th century. How shepherds, weaver or peasant worked, how our people extracted the famous rose oil, and acquired iron ore; what the jewelry or carpets looked like, and so on. All this questions are answered in the museum.

St. Elena and Constantine Church:

It is a revival church, in Baroque style. The donor was Bulgarian, but originally the church was Greek. A perfect place to speak about Orthodox Christianity.

Ancient Theater:

It is a Roman site. But the architecture is mainly ancient Greek. The donor was a son of a Thracian king… Even in the antiquity Plovdiv was an amazing mixture. The theater was under the ground for centuries, so it is one of the best preserved.

Dzumaia Mosque:

It is a functional mosque from 15-th century…  Do I mention, that Islam was a dominant religion for five hundred years here?

Roman Stadium:

Don’t expect to see something like Coliseum in Rome. It is still mainly burred under the main street. But it was designed for 30 000 people… the half of those in Rome.

The main Pedestrian Street:

It is a heart of contemporary city. Cafes, Restaurants,  Souvenir shops, Fountains, a Mosque, City Market Hall, and even a Roman Stadium and Forum… Actually it is two kilometers long… Think if you have  such a pedestrian street at your country.

Thracian Art Museum:

One of the best Roman mosaics in Bulgaria, exposed on the place, where they were found. As a surprising bonus, there is a fine collection of antic Roman glass.

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