Bulgarian cuisine is part of Balkan cuisine. (Turkish, Greek, Serbian, cuisines). There are some  common features shared with Slavs and Mediterranean kitchens. Fresh salads, grilled meats, different stews, various soups are very typical. Traditional baked pastries are also famous.  Broad use of Bulgarian yogurt and white cheese is extremely common. Grilled, or fried fish near the Black Sea cost is also popular.

It is a pastry. A mixture of yogurt, cheese, oil and eggs is added in-between flour layers. Then it is baked.

Bob yahnia

It is a stew. Ingredients are: bean, spearmint, paprika, cooking oil. Can be eaten together with hot peppers, or sausages

Shopska salad

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, White Cheese, Onion, Olive, Parsley

Stuffed peppers

A mixture of mincemeat, rice and tomato sous is fried. Then the peppers are filled and baked.

Shkembe chorba

To the boiled lamb tripe some milk, paprika and cooking oil is added. The soup is consumed with a special dressing of vinegar, garlic and hot paprika.


It is a cold soup. Cucumbers, dill, garlic and cooking oil are added to the yogurt and water.

Eggs from Panagiurishte

Broken eggs, are dropped in the boiled water. After water removing yogurt with garlic is added. The meal is poured by hot dressing of paprika, and cooking oil.

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