Iskar Gorge


80 € – 1 person;     45 €p/p – 2 persons;     35 € p/p – 3 persons;     30 € p/p – 4 persons;

IT IS A PRIVATE TOUR!  You wouldn’t be combined with other people.

Time: 7h.

INCLUDED: English speaking guide and transport; pick up and drop off

NOT INCLUDED: Personal expenses and museum entrance fees

Transportation by car



  • 9:00 pick up at your hotel

  • 10:30 – 11.00 Cherepish Monasteri

  • 11:00 – 11:30  Temna cave

  • 11:30 -12:30 Lakatnik cliffs

  • 12:30- 14:30 Skaklia waterfall

  • 16:00 drop off at your hotel


Iskar river

It crosses Balkan mountain north from Sofia, and forms a marvelous gorge, almost 50 km. long.  High cliffs, long meanders, caves and niches, as well as huddled villages take their turns on both banks of the river.

Skaklia waterfall and Zasele village

The waterfall is 100 m. high, one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria and powerful in spring. Above the waterfall is situated a small mountain village. The most famous Bulgarian poet and novelist Ivan Vazov often visit the village to be inspired b the nature.

Lakatnik cliffs and Temna cave

It is very popular place for rock climbers and speleologists. Although the tour doesn’t envisage more than walking we will visit a wild dark cave, and very panoramic track. There is a beautiful view to the Iskar gorge from the top of the cliffs.

Cherepish Monastery

It was found some years before the Ottoman rule in the late mid age. A heavy battle took place near, so the name of the Monastery means “skulls”.  Other ways it is very quiet place on the bank of Iskar river, with Bulgarian revival architecture and several hundred years old frescoes.