Bulgarian cuisine is part of Balkan cuisine. (Turkish, Greek, Serbian, cuisines). There are some  common features shared with Slavs and Mediterranean kitchens. Fresh salads, grilled meats, different stews, various soups are very typical. Traditional baked pastries are also famous.  Broad use of Bulgarian yogurt and white cheese is extremely common. Grilled, or fried fish near the Black Sea cost is also [...]

Time zone


Bulgarian Time Zone (ЕЕТ) = GMT + 2 It is the same like Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Finland, Egypt, etc.



Bulgarian, not like English or French is very phonetic language. Every our Cyrillic letter corresponds to just ONE sound. Memorizing only 20 letters you will be able to read Bulgarian. And then you can guess the meaning of many Bulgarian words, which are taken from Latin, Greek, English, French, German and so on. In addition the same [...]



What kind of languages you can speak in Bulgaria? Bulgarian is a Slav Language. If you know Russian or Serbian it helps a lot. If you know Polish, Czech, Ukrainian or other Slav language it is an advantage as well :) Last years many young Bulgarians already speak some English. It is obligatory in school, but the level [...]

Bulgarian currency


The name of Bulgarian currency is Lev. The abbreviation is BGN. Exchange rate: 1 Euro = 2 Levs (Lev is bind to Euro since 1997). Inflation is very small. Can you pay in Euro or Dollars? - Very rarely, you shouldn't count on that. Can you pay with card? - Yes in bigger shops [...]

The Lion of the Unknown Soldier Monument