Bulgarian, not like English or French is very phonetic language. Every our Cyrillic letter corresponds to just ONE sound. Memorizing only 20 letters you will be able to read Bulgarian. And then you can guess the meaning of many Bulgarian words, which are taken from Latin, Greek, English, French, German and so on. In addition the same alphabet  is used in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Monte Negro and few other countries. I heartily encourage you to spend 10-15 minutes with our Alphabet.


A – A (like in “farm” never like in “cake”)

Б – B

B – V

Г – G (like in “Greece”, never like in “Germany”)

Д – D

Е – Е (like in “elephant”, never like in “English”)

Ж – ZH, the sound “ʒ”,  (like in “vision”)

З – Z

И – I (like in “milk”, never like in “mind”)

Й – Y (it is a consonant, prolongs the previous vocal, like in “my”, “boy”, “May”)

K – K

Л – L

M – M

H – N

O – O (like first “O” in “potato”, never like the second one)

П – Р

P – R

C – S (like in “civil”, never like in “car”)

T – T

Y – U (like in “food”, but shorter)

Ф – F

X – H

Ц – ТS (like in “pizza”)

Ч – CH (like in “child”)

Ш – SH (like in “shark”)

Щ – SHT (like in “stork”)

Ъ – the sound “ʌ” (it  is a vocal, like in “cut”)

Ю – YU (it serves the vocal function, like in “cute”)

Я – YA (it serves the vocal function, like in “young”)