The name “Cult Hike” expresses our ambition to combine walks in the nature with Bulgarian culture and historical heritage. Being also passionate travelers, when we fall into a new town, forgotten village or in the middle of nowhere we are stunned not only by the high peaks, beautiful lakes, and venerable forests, but also from the local way of life, customs and beliefs of the local people.

The possibility to visit sites which are not on the tourist map, to try local dishes, to see views which aren’t on the net, to speak with locals, changes our holiday in an unforgettable adventure. We really hope that you will find your own adventure in Bulgaria with us! If you want to visit other destinations not included in the described tours, please let us know. We are eager to advise and accomplish a tour on your demand.


We know, that everyone has his own interests and hobbies. That is why we don’t organize big groups, our best group is 2-4 persons.

The price generally is a sum of transportation expenses 11 – 13 euro/100 km. and the guide fee, which is 3-8 euro per hour and depend on how many people participate in the group. 

Correspondingly the guide fee is:

8 euro per hour for a single person

5 euro per hour, per person for 2 persons

4 euro per hour, per person for 3 persons

3 euro per hour, per person for 4 persons

The parking fee, pick up and drop off at your place are included in the price, museum tickets and personal expenses are not included.


The payment is asked in the beginning of the tour in cash in BGN or EURO. The day before the tour we are going to call or e-mail you for a confirmation of your  reservation. If you don’t confirm the reservation the day before the tour, it is not any more valid.